Daily Roundup: Robin Thicke Is Having an Unhappy Halloween!

(VIA COUNTRY) Marvin Gaye’s children are suing Robin Thicke over “Blurred Lines.” I figured it would have something to do with noise pollution but it’s actually in regards to copyright infringement over their father’s song “Got to Give It Up.”  [EW]

South Park took on the Miley Cyrus/Sinead O’Connor feud last night in signature South Park style. The world would be a much unfunnier place without Matt and Trey. [CC]

(VIA SCENE) In terrible television news, The CW is developing a drama with … Fred Durst! EWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!! [RS]

David Bowie’s new spooky video cost $12.99! That’s $487,000.01 less than the cost of Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” video (not accounting for inflation). [YouTube]

(VIA INDIE) James Blake took home the Mercury Prize. You’ve probably never of him or it. [NME]