Daily Roundup: Shakira Pulling a Beyoncé!

(VIA COUNTRY) Shakira revealed that her new album will be called Shakira. Not terribly original but if it’s as good as Beyoncé’s self-titled album she could call it Creed for all I care.

The Foo Fighters are rumored to be recording their new album in 12 different cities. Looks like Dave Grohl gets around more than Courtney Love. [CoS]

(VIA INDIE) Jenny Lewis plans to release a new album this spring. I also have plans for me and Ms. Lewis, or rather, Mrs. Indie. [RS]

Jeezy was arrested for the second time this month. Jeezy Chrizy! [MTV]

(VIA METAL) Tool will be going on tour beginning in March. I’d cool with anything that takes Maynard away from A Perfect Circle. Ugh.  [SPIN]