Identity theft is totally not PLUR. Neither is stealing someone else’s idea. In the DJ world, stealing someone else’s mix is one of the worst things you can do. DJing is a passionate artform that’s made up of entirely one’s expression of their own imagination and taking someone else’s idea goes against all that! So, Dubstep and I are giving a big thumbs down to the so-called “legendary” Grandmaster Jay (Not to be confused with Grandmaster Flash) for doing the most despicable offense in the DJ community.

This “DJ” came under controversy when promoting a new DJ experience called BEAMZ DJ. DUbstep and I are always encouraging people who want to DJ to practice and practice, but this product is marketed at letting anyone DJ. That’s not a bad thing at all, but this item is COMPLETELY ridiculous. AND it’s being endorsed by Flo-Rida! Ech!!! You don’t even scratch a vinyl on it! You move your hand with the lasers built into the product and the pre-made beats play for you. I looooooove lasers, but not used in this way!

In the demonstration, this so called DJ claims he’s made up this whole routine using this product. Not only is he lying, but watching people DJ with this toy is just cringe worthy. YUCK!


Original routine? A REAL legendary DJ by the name of Jazzy Jeff would disagree and tell you that it was his.


Why do people keep stealing each other’s ideas? Let me know in the comments below!