The interwebs have been abuzz about Drake’s recently released music video for  “Worst Behavior” off his latest album Nothing Was The Same. I personally thought the album was pretty well done and definitely a step above some of his past work. Unfortunately, this song wasn’t one of my favorites from the album, but it’s not terrible. Maybe it’s the repetition. I GET IT DRAKE! YOU WEREN’T LOVED ENOUGH, which of course we know is completely false.

The music video stands out because, well, it isn’t exactly a music video, so much as it is a skit with a couple of musical breaks that turn out to be the actual song itself. The beginning of the video was pretty hilarious with Drake’s real life dad making a cameo and rapping the beginning of the song. As for the skit itself, it kinda dragged on for too long. I will say though that I will continue in my assertion that the OVO owl that Drake uses as his mascot is DEFINITELY influenced by Hedwig. Who knew Drake was such a big Harry Potter fan?!

If you love Drake and have ten minutes to burn, you’ll probably love this music video. It’s got everything a Drake fan would want, rapping, hand-waving-while-rapping, and Drake himself in several different outfits (although I was hoping he would appear in the OVO owl mascot suit that was worn in the suit). The video’s down below for your viewing pleasure. What do you think about it?!