First and foremost, I want to wish Drake a happy 27th birthday. I could’ve sworn he was a lot younger than that, but I guess Drizzy’s been sipping from the garden of youth that Neo’s been drinking from forever. I mean, who knew that Keanu Reeves was 49 years old. 49 YEARS OLD!? He’s looked the same for like two decades……..or perhaps longer……

Drake celebrated his birthday with one of the most ridiculous cakes you’ll ever see. For an artist that’s been ALL over the hip-hop scene for the past few year, a measly three layered cake was not enough for the Toronto rapper. I mean look at the cake! It’s obscene! He has the Toronto skyline recreated into a cake, which leads me to believe he’s extremely hungry or wants to recreate every amazing scene in Pacific Rim (which was every scene, obviously.)

But, hey the guy deserves it. His new album’s sold pretty amazingly, its gotten great reviews across the board, and even I enjoyed it. Even though getting a city skyline as your cake is pretty cool, I personally would have gone with something even MORE epic! You might be asking  “Nerdcore, what could be more epic than a giant cake of an entire skyline?” I’ll leave you with the pic below. Trust in Nerdcore.