Eminem’s upcoming album, “MMLP2” aka “Marshall Mathers LP 2,” has as much hype behind it as the upcoming Star Wars sequel (OK, maybe not AS much, but in the rap world, the album is pretty much up there hype wise). While I don’t think Eminem is the best rapper of all time, I’ve been known to enjoy his lyricism, although from time to time it does get a bit overboard. I do, however, love his flows on his songs that turn out to be aggressive and never back down no matter how big the production behind him is.

Several hours ago, he dropped the second single from his upcoming album called Rap God. Wooh! Talk about blasphemy! Of course, he’s not the first rapper or the last rapper that’s used that kind of verbiage. Kanye came out with a song on his latest album, “Yeezus,” called I Am A God. Newsflash rappers! None of you are gods! Not even remotely close like my boy, Thor, the god of thunder!

When I began listening to this 6 minute opus of a song, I have no clue how this will fit on the radio, I will admit that the beat, not to mention the CRAZY amount of flow changes, had me feeling like this for the first half of the song:

However, the beat slowly became repetitive and I started feeling like this:

But then after his third verse, he spits one of the fastest flows I’ve EVER heard and got me feeling like this:

Overall, not bad, but definitely not “God” status. I’ll have to give this a couple more spins to get a full assessment, but with the long running time, it may take up a huge chunk of my day.

What do you think about Eminem’s new single? Let me know in the comments below!!!