Grammys Finally Get Something Right!

Dubstep and I talk a lot about Skrillex, and AVICII, and Deadmau5. But we probably should spend more time recognizing our musical forefathers, the people who helped paved for the incredible EDM scene we have today!

So we’re to happy announce that legendary German group Kraftwerk, whom many consider to be the founders of electronic music, are receiving the Grammys’ Lifetime Achievement Award!

If you’re not familiar with Kraftwerk, brace yourself, because their music isn’t really for dancing . But their work, like the 1974 landmark Autobahn and the band’s biggest smash Trans-Europe Express was years ahead of it’s time utilizing computers and synthesizers to help change the face of music!

If for some reason you’re not a fan of Kraftwerk’s music, then at least appreciate the fact that they have robots performing during their live shows!

If you don’t find that PLUR, I feel very sorry for you!

Thank you Grammys, for recognizing some true originals. Oh, and by the way these guys will also be receiving a Lifetime Achievement Award.

We guess they’re pretty PLUR too.

Which artist deserves a Grammys Lifetime Acheivement Award? Let us know in the comments below!