Jay-Z and Justin Timberlake release Holy Grail video.

Idol asked me to report on this, since she’s too busy watching this video over and over and over again. She even put a tiny Do Not Disturb sign on her desk, so you probably shouldn’t expect to hear from her for a little bit. To quote her, “I am totes obsessed with this vid so leave me alone Intern 2!”

So, I watched the video. I don’t really think I under stand it. It’s very epic. That’s for sure. Lots of expensive looking things in here. Which means that Justin Timberlake and Jay-Z have made a lot of money, so good for them!

I don’t really understand the whole thing. It’s mostly just Justin Timberlake and Jay-Z sitting around in a mansion with lots of different lighting affects and camera angles. But Idol assures me that this is what a good music video looks like, and I haven’t seen a lot of music videos at all, so I guess I have to believe her! Also, just to clarify for some of you, since I just learned this today, Jay-Z is the rapper and Justin Timberlake is the singer.

The video is available exclusively on Facebook for the first 24 hours, which shouldn’t be a problem since everyone is on Facebook! I hope you enjoy the video! It doesn’t matter to me if you don’t enjoy it, but it would be weird to say “I hope you don’t enjoy it” and it would be rude to say “I don’t care if you enjoy it.” Ergo, I hope you enjoy it!