Kanye Postpones ‘Yeezus’ Tour Indefinitely!

It’s been the best of times, it’s been the worst of times for Kanye West. He finally got engaged to longtime girlfriend and Azzzzzzzzz Hall of Famer Kim Kardashian, but yesterday Kanye announced he’s suing YouTube co-founder Chad Hurley for posting a video of his proposal. He launched what was to be one of the most epic hip hop tours of all time, but now that’s on hold because of a broken LED screen. Jeez, Kanye, will you ever be able to go an entire week where everything in your life is completely chill?


Things got off to a rocky start for the Yeezus tour when Kanye was forced to cancel his performance in Vancouver. The following week he cancelled a stop in Anaheim, and then he cancelled last night’s Vancouver make-up date. But now, sadly all remaining dates have been postponed. Drake’s looking pretty good with only one postponed concert so far for his current tour.

In Kanye’s defense, the truck that was carrying the show’s massive 60 foot screen was involved in an accident and the screen was damaged. Kanye, being the perfectionist that he is, decided to hold off on the tour until everything was repaired.

Hopefully things will get back on track soon and Yeezus and Jesus can be united once again.

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