Kidraul is kidWRONG!

Everyone’s been talking about Justin Bieber’s egging felony like it’s the OJ Trial all over again.

Yo, I think Indie’s been rubbing off on me because all I can do is roll my eyes and wonder why anyone cares.

We all know the guy’s been on the cutting board ever since his voice got deeper. I can respect the dude’s got some nice riffs that compliment the more R&B/hip hop tone of his new album, but Bieber has got to stop.

First of all, this isn’t the first (or even most scandalous) stupid thing Bieber has done this year month. And everyone seems to be more concerned about the $20,000 damages instead of the fact that he was probably in possession of cocaine, which he let his buddy Lil Za take the heat for.

Egging isn’t even cool. You wanna be badass? Too bad! you have to be responsible for the army of Beliebers who are programmed to defend any ludicrous action you do — which has been a LOT, lately.

After several people commenting on the “scandal”, Justin took to his Twitter to remind everyone he’s still the same kid in his mom’s home videos


…just, y’know, with millions in the bank and a lack of respect for public property. Kidraul is all grown up, so it seems.

The whole “started from the bottom” story about an innocent kid living a tough life isn’t impressive to anyone outside your fan zone, bro — Biggie and Eminem have stories that you will never have or understand.