M.I.A. Streams Her New Album!

Y’all probably remember M.I.A from that famous gesture she did about a year ago? Ever since that incident, she’s been taking her name seriously and disappeared from the spotlight she had at last year’s Superbowl halftime show. Let’s just say Karma (or her record label) didn’t take too kindly to that rude gesture. Still that didn’t stop her from finally releasing her first album since that incident and make it available to stream on Youtube. How modern of her!

I haven’t personally listened to her new album, but I did love her old song about them paper airplanes. Just so darn catchy! I’ll have to see if this album’s got anythin’ like that. This album was supposed to come out in April, but it got pushed by her label, Interscope, until November! Whew! That’s more of a shove than a push. It caused M.I.A to go bad girl again and blast them on her Twitter.

To make matters even worse, a documentary for the album was supposed to release as well and the original director pulled out for creative differences between Interscope and him. Lord, M.I.A just seems to attract trouble. So you might as well call it a miracle that this album managed to actually come out. Let me know what y’all think about it in the comments below!