I’m 100% behind supportin’ my fellow woman’s success, so when I saw some of the ladies listed as Forbes Top-Earnin’ women of 2013 I was excited and absolutely flabbergasted. These women are REEEEEEEUCHHH!!! I mean millions upon millions of rich! Like toilet paper made out of money and napkins made out of blank checks rich. Although the whole napkins being made out of blank checks wouldn’t really count since they’d be worthless without a signature, I think you get my point though.

Toppin’ off the list is the queen bee of pop genre, Madonna. Ain’t gonna lie with y’all, I was totally surprised. She’s like 70 years old and makes more money than the U.S. Mint can even print. Miss Madonna made $125 million dollars JUST this year. Holy Yoda Jesus Buddha Moses Flyin’ Spaghetti Monster! She got enough money to be her own country, heck, two countries! That woman wants to dominate music every decade!

Roundin’ out the top 3 were Lady Gaga at $80 million (child’s play) and, my girl, Tay Tay at $55 million! You go, girl! You know I been supportin’ her since she was just doin’ country and, no, I ain’t gonna do the whole family member of a rich celebrity schtick where they ask them for some money………..but, you know, Tay Tay, I could probably use a new hair straightener. And a hat. And a house.