Miley & Britney Get Weird Together!!!

It’s the union of former Disney kids turned crazy yet lovable women we’ve all been waiting for: Miley and Britney, together at last!!! Yep, the long-awaited Mitney collaboration, “SMS (Bangerz)” (from Miley’s soon to be released album Bangerz) has finally leaked in full and it’s just as weird and wonderful as I thought it would be. Listen for yourself (sorry about the bad audio)!!!

Mitney, of course, makes total sense! Since Cyrus decided to shed her Hannah Montana persona a couple of years ago and just be Miley, she’s basically been following the Britney Spears playbook: act crazy, make catchy music, rinse and repeat.  Of course, Miley wisely made some exceptions. While she did shave half her head, she didn’t go full Heisenberg and then decide to attack a car with an umbrella.

Miley’s also been smarter in the men department. She made the brave decision to break off her engagement with Liam Hemsworth (if it’s complete broke, don’t try to fix it!) who’s a major step up over Kevin Whatshisname???

Miley has also avoided briefly marrying her high school pal after a drunken night in Vegas. But I’m not here to talk about the past!

Fingers crossed this is the first of many Mily and Britney collabs. Perhaps there will be a full on Mitney album a la Watch The Throne? A girl can dream.

Would you want to hear an entire Britney & Miley collaboration album? Lets us know in the comments below!