YUCK! Right when Miley Cyrus was beginning to slip out of the news, she comes right back! This time she’s got a brand new tattoo celebrating her cover on Rolling Stone and put it on the most dignified place of the body, her FEET! Who wants to see gross feet all over their screen? MILEY FANS!

First, Justin Bieber gets half of his body tattooed and now Miley Cyrus decides she wants to be a human tattoo parlor!! What’s so great about having all that writing on you?!?! Why can’t she be the slightly less annoying Hannah Montana?! Why can’t Fall Out Boy serenade me and Indie as he rows us on a boat in a lake full of chocolate?!? Life isn’t fair!

I just don’t understand why she got the tattoo on her feet of all places? You can’t even see them without having to sit down and turn your feet upside down! Don’t you want it to be seen? I guess Miley doesn’t. I wonder if people ask to see her foot tattoo will she actually take off her shoes, take off her socks, and then stick her feet in their face! That’s just smelly!


Why does Miley keep doing crazy things like this and showing it to the whole world? Let me know in the comments below!!!