Daily Roundup: Niall has his own Hip Hop Identity Crisis

In a video posted on Instagram, Niall Horan of One Direction (like you didn’t know) unleashed his alter ego MC Nialler with a performance of “Gangster’s Paradise.” Not coolio, Niall. Not coolio. [Instagram]

[VIA NERDCORE] Stevie Nicks revealed that she writes “Game of Thrones” poems and would love to create music for the show. In other news, I am now a huge fan of Stevie Nicks! [VF]

Lauryn Hill was released from jail this morning after serving three months for failing to pay her taxes. This year for Christmas, kids, you might want to ask your parents for TurboTax. [CBS]

Skrillex provided a remix for “International,” the new single from producers Chase and Status. According to Skrillex, he met the duo during a festival in Croatia. I think Dubstep and I know where we’re taking our next trip. [RS]

Miley was a bad girl. Again. Shocking! [EveryWebsiteOnTheInternet]