One Direction to the Rescue!

If you thought One Direction JUST had beautiful singing voices, you’re going to be disappointed. One Direction’s Liam Payne came to the rescue of his friend, Andy Samuels, who rescued him from his luxury London apartment. Apparently, Andy caught on fire trying to put fuel in a heater on Liam’s terrace. Liam wasn’t out on the balcony, but rushed out to help his friend and escorted him to the hospital. OMG what a gentleman! I cannot tell you the last time I had a man rushed for his life to save me from a burning building . Ok, so it wasn’t my building, but it was a very loud fire alarm that could’ve ruptured my ear drums! Alright, so it was a smoke alarm, but you get the picture!

The One Direction crooner got out with barely a mark, but his friend wasn’t so lucky as he was severely burned. Luckily, he’s now in critical condition. It wasn’t clear at first why Andy caught on fire, but a tweet he released shortly before the fire broke off may be an indicator of what may have lead to the fire. “Fo’ show straight up gangsta BBQ in da clouds ya feel”

Oh my goodness! Liam, you’ve got to be more aware of Twitter and see what your friend’s are writing about like the cryptic tweet above. I’m going to forgive you because what you did was SO brave, but don’t forget what I told you! I think the cutest thing about this entire story is that Liam revealed in the One Direction movie that if he weren’t a musician, he’d be a firefighter. Aw, it’s just picture perfect!