Paul McCartney Live at Hollywood Boulevard

Paul McCartney took to the streets of Hollywood last night to perform for thousands of adoring fans as well as a handful of costumed weirdos.

People dressed as movie characters pose

The concert, sponsored by “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” and streamed live online, featured songs from throughout Macca’s illustrious career including three new tunes on McCartney’s soon to be released appropriately titled album New.

Highlights from the performance included the now standard closing  “Hey Jude” sing-along love fest, “Band on the Run” from McCartney’s Wings days, and “Lady Madonna” (which, just to be clear kids, has nothing to do with Madge).

McCartney’s performance was preceded by an interview with Jimmy Kimmel who began by asking, “Now You were originally in the Beatles?” McCartney corrected Kimmel, noting that before the Beatles he was a member of The Quarrymen, which included George Harrison, John Lennon, and Stu Sutcliffe, who famously left the Beatles to pursue a career in painting.


McCartney also assisted parking lot security guard and Jimmy KImmel Live favorite Guillermo with Beatles trivia. What a swell guy!

As reported last week by this very blog, Justin Timberlake will take over Hollywood tonight for his own “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” concert. Timberlake had to cancel his appearance on “The Tonight Show” last night because he was under the weather. Hopefully he’s fully recovered for this evening’s performance!

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