A few weeks back, everyone’s favorite kid to abandon, Macaulay Culkin, announced he had started a band called Pizza Underground, which covered Velvet Underground songs, but with a twist. A pizza twist. Yeahp, all their songs involve pizzas. Listen, Richie Rich, I know you might love pizza, but there ain’t no way you’re gonna make enough songs about it that aren’t going to sound the same. Honestly, who wants to sit through a 4 minute song about pizza?!?!

To be fair, I did come out with a song about apple juice ( which was AWESOME and that you can still watch HERE. Shameless plug). However, ALL MY MUSIC ISN’T ABOUT APPLE JUICE. Cmon! Anyways, Pizza Underground just released their first music video, and it’s everything you could expect. That is, if you expected pizzas dangling from the ceiling, pizzas and pepperoni on the walls, pizza boxes used as drums, and pizza masks. Did I forget to mention that this band sang about pizza? God, I’m hungry now.

The video is down below for you to view. Personally, can’t say I’m the biggest fan. It’s a little too weird for my taste, even though my taste was very interested in all the pizza decoration in the video. Ok, I’m really hungry now.