Prepare Yourself for Shakanna!!!

Well this is certainly exciting: Shakira and Rihanna are rumored to be joining asses, I mean forces on a new single!

While the news isn’t official several reports seem to indicate that it is on! The collaboration was first reported by gossip rag “El Tiempo” which is based out of Shakira’s home country of Colombia.

Then several Tweets seemed to confirm the speculation including one from a higher-up at Pepsi who wrote, “Rihanna and Shakira working on a hot duet. Epic!”

Epic indeed.

A woman named Alexita (who uses the twitter handle @Alexitaoritz25) claimed that she was the stand in for Shakira on the song’s video shoot and wrote that RIhanna was indeed in the house.

If you’re still skeptical that the collaboration is actually happening, check out what my boy Pitbull had to say. Talking about his “Timber” collaboration with Ke$sha, Pitbull said, “The person we were looking at first on that record was Rihanna. There was something she had to do with Shakira, so she wasn’t able to be on the record.”

So there you have it. Another mystery solved by yours truly.

I guess the question remains, will the Rihanna/Shakira combo be even more bootylicious than Shakira’s collaboration with Beyonce?

I’m mos definitely looking forward to finding out!

What’s your dream music collaboration? Let us know in the comments below!