R. Kelly Can’t Escape That Dang Closet!

It’s no secret I am huge fan of musical theater. “Cats,” “Wicked,” “Rent.” I love of ’em all, even R. Kelly’s epic saga “Trapped In The Closet.”

Of course, I’ve all watched 33 chapters, but like most of y’all I’ve been hungry for more. Thankfully, Mr. Kelly will be continuing the story of Sylvester, Twan, Pimp Lucius and the rest of his colorful characters with new installments of “Trapped In the Closet” set to air on IFC in 2014.

Now if you’re behind on your “Trapped In Closet” viewing or simply want a refresher (you probably do since there’s so much craziness that goes on!) you’re in luck. IFC is currently streaming all 33 chapters and they’ll begin airing them on Saturday so check your local listings!

I have no idea how R. Kelly finds the time to work on “Trapped In the Closet” when he’s busy collaborating with Lady Gaga, Bruno Mars, and Justin Bieber.

He also has a new album of his own that’ll be released next week. The subject matter is a little racy for my taste but I’m sure it’ll be another huge hit for R.

Are you caught up on “Trapped In The Closet?” Let us know in the comments below!