Rock legend Lou Reed passes at age 71

Lou Reed, who’s band, Velvet Underground, influenced rock and some of my own favorite bands, passed away. Just because I thought his collaboration with Metallica was terrible, doesn’t mean that I don’t think he was an amazing musical artist. The man was a genius. His band, Velvet Underground, went from only selling 10,000 copies (which I’ll admit is wayyyyy more than Jars of Vomit ever did, but hey we still had a blast making music) to becoming legends in rock and producing classics like “Walk on the Wild Side.”


Not only could he sing, but, man, Lou could perform. In fact, he was set to tour last April, but had to cancel it due to health concerns. This guy was performing back in the sixties and seventies and STILL wanted to keep rocking the stage even after a liver transplant? Whew. That’s what I call someone who loves what he does, while always making sure to keep his fans happy.

Lou was inducted into the Rock Hall of Fame in 1996 along with the rest of his band and deservedly so. Fighting against the norms of what people thought rock should be, Lou and his band made a name for themselves by puttin’ it to the man and putting out music they wanted to make. How can I say no to someone who wants to stick it to the man. Lou, you will be missed, but your legacy will live on forever through your music.