Sir Mix-A-Lot’s house gets some ‘Midnight Memories’

Apparently one of the  insignificant  “beloved” members of Britain’s favorite corporately owned boy band couldn’t hold it in.

Harry Styles was caught peeing on private property in Los Angeles.

Though confirmed to have been sober, Styles posed for the camera as he relieved himself, showing off his bum for underage tweens to ogle over.

Of course, the Twitterverse made the photo go viral, bringing it to the attention of the owner of the property that had been defecated – none other than Sir Mix-A-Lot.

Thankfully for Styles, Mix-a-lot was a good sport and re-tweeted the photo, commenting “@Harry_Styles That’s my house!! Those are my bushes!!”





Mix-A-Lot added, “@Harry_Styles pees in my bushes and my home value went up. I pee in his bushes and get arrested. #itaintfair lmao.”

Strange. The only way I could understand an increase in property value from a popstar’s urine would be if I burnt the place to the ground and collected all of the insurance money.

Seeing that fire owls are expensive and I don’t feel like moving into a new office, or anything new in general, I’ll have Rat Protector keep an eye out for me. Can’t risk having mainstream bodily fluids ruining anything I own.


Ugh, can’t risk having a spike in my popularity and loss of dignity if Harry Styles decides to take a leak in this part of Los Angeles..

Maybe I should contact Satan to make sure no celebrity gets within 5 miles of the MyMusic office.