Valentine’s Day spirit is in the air, y’all! It used to be one of the most trivial holidays in my life as I’d get gifts and calls from old flames, new flames, and flames that hadn’t even been lit yet, stirrin’ up drama left and right (Although I will say that it left me with a very generous amount of chocolates and candies so I really can’t complain).

Snoop Zilla (Lion) (Dogg) (Frog) (Heck I don’t Know Anymore) is tryin’ to cash in on the Valentine’s rush by reaching out to his fans on Reddit asking them to share their “best love stories to ur loved ones or to ur love of tha trees.” While I’m surprised he’s such an avid conservationalist, I’m even more surprised by some of the stories people were willin’ to put up for everyone one to see. Of course, the more love stories I read, the juicier they got, causing me to finally give in and post a love story of mine………or seven.

Snoop will pick his favorite story and put it up on a video series he does on every major holiday. Cross my fingers I make it on!! I can tell with my internet intuition that y’all are dyin’ to put some of yours on the Reddit thread or maaaaaaaaybe even in the comments below 🙂

What’s your best love story? Sound off in the comments below!