Super Bowl XLVIII Is All About the Music!

I’m not a fan of football AT ALL! Wayyyy 2 much violence!!! But I am fan of Super Bowls, especially if they’re filled with candy. Speaking of which, I’m rooting 4 the Seahawks on Sunday because one of their players is a HUGE fan of Skittles!!!!

They’ve had already had a bunch of concerts to celebrate the Super Bowl including a performance from FALL OUT BOY!!!

Even though I won’t be watching any actual football during the Super Bowl I am excited about all the amazing musicians involved including opera singer Renee Fleming, who will be singing the national anthem, and Queen Latifah, who will be performing “America the Beautiful.”

While everyone’s been talking about Bruno Mars and Red Hot Chili Peppers’ appearance at halftime (which apparently will take place during the middle of the game) I’m SUPER excited about Keyboard Cat’s performance during the Puppy Bowl halftime show!!!

You would think he would perform at the Kitten Bowl (which is actually happening on the Hallmark Channel) but I’m happy dogs and cats can get along 2gether!

Even after the Super Bowl is done the music doesn’t stop. An episode of “New Girl” which will air after the game is over is going 2 feature a special appearance from Prince.

It’s amazing how the Super Bowl is able 2 attract so much royalty!

He’ll be debuting a new song which should be pretty awesome! I am so looking for Sunday!!!!!!

Are you rooting for Seahawks or the Broncos? Let us know in the comments below!