There’s a new trend  starting (I hope!) in the music industry that’s totally perfect for me. It’s called CHOCOLATE!!!! Yum. I first figured out that things were getting pretty sweet when I found out that this guy from Croatia, Gibonni, made his newest record out of chocolate. I still haven’t heard the record yet but I like it already! Whats not to like!?!?

Eating Chocolate Record

Sure, he’s kinda scary looking (sorry Gibonni!) but I like where his head’s at – and it even plays a couple times before you have to eat it!

As excited as I was, I’m no dummy. It can’t be a trend with just one chocolate record. But nowwww there’s more evidence that the beautiful joining of the tasty candy goodness and music is real! The Flaming Lips are going on a record store tour selling their first two albums. That’s not so exciting for me because The Flaming Lips are…new to me. BUT! One of their records is being sold inside an  anatomically accurate human gourmet chocolate head. Inside the head? ROCK CANDY BRAIN!!! It looks…disgusting!

Chocolate skull

Ewww!!! I’m so conflicted because as gross as it looks, it probably tastes incredible! Oh, the album is in there too. And this is really awesome, there’s a gold coin that you can use to see The Flaming Lips live. Maybe I’ll get it and see if Indie wants the coin?

It’s like this chocolate movement was made for me, and I don’t know about you guys but I want more! Moving forward though, maybe someone can make something a little less creepy? Until then I’ll take what I can get! NOMNOMNOM