Troll Alert!: ‘Mambo No. 5’ Singer Still Alive!!!

Over the past couple of days you may have seen a post on various social media accounts indicating that Lou Bega best known (only known) as the singer of the 1999 novelty hit “Mambo No. 5.” Well I’m happy to say that Lou Bega is alive and well. He even said so on his own Facebook page!

lou bega facebook

So how did this rumor get started? Well, Bega seems to think this is simply a case of mistaken with people confusing Lou Bega with the recently deceased Lou Reed. “I have been receiving Tons of condolences because of a Journalist confusing our identities,” Bega wrote on his Facebook.

But I know the work of trolls when I see one and this has definitely has troll written all over it!!!

Well, at least Bega is the victim of some good old fashioned trolling and not the victim of something much much much worse. Best of all, this story helped re-introduce to “Mambo No. 5.” It’s so catchy!!!

A little bit of Monica in my life! A little bit of Erica by my side!! A little bit of SCENE is all I need!!! LOLOLOLOLOLOL!!!!!!!!

Do you agree with Lou Bega and think this was a mistake or do you agree with Scene and think trolls were behind this? Let us know in the comments below!