“Walker Stalker” Walking Dead Convention In November!

I’ve had no desire to go to Atlanta ever since Tyler Perry built his studios there, but this is a game changer! This November, the 1st through the 3rd, to be exact, fans of the AMC hit The Walking Dead will be invading the Atlanta Convention Center for Walker Stalker, the world’s first Walking Dead Convention.

Eric Nordhoff and James Frazier, two Walking Dead superfans (and two of my new heroes), were inspired to create the event after a trip to Georgia last year, where they visited filming locations from the show.  Nordhoff and Frazier started a fan podcast which has grown extremely popular, and even attracted cast members to come on and be interviewed. Not happy enough with a successful podcast, they raised enough money on Kickstarted to hold a whole convention.

The whole Walking Dead team is in full support of the convention, so expect to see a lot of fan favorites! Confirmed cast members include:

Norman Reedus “Daryl Dixon”
Lauren Cohan “Maggie”
Greg Nicotero Executive Producer
Melissa McBride “Carol”
Chandler Riggs “Carl Grimes”
Sarah Wayne Callies “Lori Grimes”

Something tells me there won’t be a whole lot of people lining up to meet Lori. Poor Sarah! She’s a great actress (Prison Break, anyone?) but the writers seemed hellbent on making us hate that character.

Admission for the three day event is $99. Now it’s time to look up some family in Atlanta and find a couch to crash on!

While the convention will be heavily centered on The Walking Dead, there will also be appearances from other zombie movies, like Dawn of the Dead (the original and the remake are two of my favorite zombie movies) and Warm Bodies.