Wanna Meet-N-Greet With Justin Bieber? Take Out a Loan!

The answer should really be zero dollars. Scratch that. Make that negative dollars. You’d have to pay me a boatload of money to see that kid, and I literally mean a boatload. (You can park it right outside the MyMusic Office). Anyways, I’ve always been down for meet and greets with celebrities. Metallica, the guys who made Metalocalypse, centaurs, they’re all awesome. Most of the time they’re free too, which is really the way to go. Well, Mr. Bieber, while visiting Brazil, decided to make his OWN meet and greet, where you could take a picture with him and talk with him about whatever teenage girls talk about. As you can imagine, his fans freaked out. Ugh.

What that little kid celebrity forgot to mention was that the meet and greet cost fans a little over $1,000 DOLLARS!! Oh, OK, so they get to take a picture with him, hang out with him for a day, get flown out to one of his concerts, get backstage VIP tickets, and then get invited to a Bieber-themed (blugh) afterparty? NOPE! So what did they get? 6 SECONDS! That’s right 6 SECONDS to take a picture with him before his bodyguards shuffled you off. Totally worth it (that’s sarcasm)

What parent in their right mind would pay over $1,000 bucks to have their kid take a picture with Justin Bieber for 6 SECONDS! That’s barely even long enough to be a Vine! So you’re telling me I could fly to Hawaii and stay on the beach for a couple of days OR spends 6 seconds with the male version of Ellen DeGeneres. Ugh. I will never understand this generation.

Is this ridiculous or am I just crazy? Let me know in the comments below.