YouTube Music Awards Are Happening!!!!!

OMG! OMG! OMG! My two favorite things in the world, music and YouTube, will be celebrated November 3 at the first annual YouTube Music Awards!!!

The ceremonies, which will be held in New York, with additional satellite events taking place throughout the world, will honor YouTube’s greatest musical talents and feature performances from Lady Gaga, Eminem, and Lindsay Sterling!!!

Spike Jonze (love that name!), the director of movies such as “Being John Malkovich,” “Where the Wild Things Are” (love that movie!) and so many awesome music videos, will serve as creative director of the event while actor Jason Schwartzman will take on hosting duties.

The awards will be broken down into six different categories and best of all, winners will be decided by YouTube viewers like you!  And me! How amazing is that??? Personally, I’ll be casting all my votes for Cimorelli! And Tiffany Alvord! and David Choi! And Sam Tsui! And Meghan Tonjes! There are just too many people that deserve to be honored!!


I’ve been super lucky 2 become friends with so many YouTube performers over the past year and fingers crossed that some (or hopefully all) of those amazingly talented people get the recognition they deserve!!!

The 90-minute event will be streamed live on YouTube (of course!) and I hope all of you will be watching along with me!!!! So excited!!!!!!!

Which YouTuber would you like to see nominated for an award? Let us know in the comments below!