PLUREST Pic of the Day Showdown!! You Choose!!!!

Dubstep and I are soooooo excited to bring one of our favorite segments: PIC OF THE DAY! We loved all your responses to all out PLUREST Pics, but now we want to add a little twist to the game. YOU get to choose what our PLUREST pic of the day is! That’s right, YOU get all the power! Dubstep and I don’t always agree on the same choice for the PLUREST pic of the day. Sometimes I want a picture off raving when he wants a picture of dancing! So frustrating!

The rules are simple. Dubstep and I find our favorite pic for the day and put it up below to show all you, MyMusicians! Vote in the comments below along with your Twitter username, and we will tally the votes. The winner will be declared on Twitter!! Plus, some of you who voted will get a personal shout out from us on Twitter for choosing our pic!!! (Vote for me 😉 ) How awesomely PLUR is that?! Maybe we could get some of the other staff members to come play with us for the next one?

Are you ready for a Pic of the Day Showdown?!?! Get to your keyboards and prepare to vote!!! Here we go!!