PLUREST Pic of the Day!!! The Motto!

Today’s PLUREST pic of the day comes all the way from Chicago, Illinois during the Wavefront Music Festival!!!! What a poster!! I wish Dubstep and I had something like that for our office. We would, of course, have to make it brighter, bigger, and, our favorite, glow in the dark!!! We’re not huge fans of Fatboy Slim (his music has way too many words in it), but we are huge fans of the message he is sending. Eat. Sleep. Rave. Repeat? Someone’s been looking at our daily schedule!

Of course, it’s not a PERFECT poster since they left out dance and PLUR. Dancing and raving are not the same everybody, but they are equally as fun! These are just minor details, but we love that artists are promoting Dubstep and my lifestyle, even though it’s not for everyone. But it should be! I’m sure you’ll still love today’s pic as much as we did even if you don’t get to do everything that he lists out!

What’s your motto? Is it the same as Dubstep and mine’s? Let us know in the comments below!!