Terrible news everybody! As you all know, I’m super excited for the upcoming Britney extravaganza that’ll be going on FOREVER at Vegas, but I wonder how she’ll be able to keep up with the same fabulous show every night. She’s been in the pop business for awhile, so Brit definitely knows what she’s working with. I mean she’s been touring since One Direction were in diapers (OK, maybe even earlier than that. I’ll have to look that one up)! So what’s the issue?

Well, let’s just say the rumor mill’s are spinning like crazy over Britney’s concert, the biggest being that she might be planning to lip sync all her shows. NOOOOOOOOO!!! I refuse to believe this rumor, but the fact that it’s not completely out of left field and that her years are starting to show (which doesn’t mean I don’t think she’s still amazing… just means I think she can still be amazing, but she needs to just slow down a little bit). I, for one, would gladly watch Britney sit on stage painting her nails while her music played in the background as much as any other fangirl, but this may be her last big tour ever! I want a memorable goodbye!

This brings up the second rumor, which is that this could be her last tour. Britney! I know you want to send your goodbyes to your fans in the sincerest way possible, but if you’re gonna do it through lip synching…….ooooooh girl! I was always Team Britney (Christina Aguilera is fab, but she’s not even close to Britney on the pop idol food chain), but she’s definitely testing me with these rumors!

If a girl’s got talent she should flaunt it! Britney, I wanna hear you belt “Gimme More” and “Oops I Did It Again!” in YOUR voice. It’s OK to crack your voice here or there, but people are paying $200 dollars to see you and your amazing songs! Work it Brit!