Diddy Tops Forbes List, Still Somehow Relevant

Forbes, the magazine that will one day feature yours truly on the cover, released their annual “World’s Highest Paid Hip-Hop Artists” list and DIddy, once again, earned the top spot ((he truly ain’t going nowhere).

According to Forbes, the man formerly known as Puffy and Puff Daddy and P. Diddy and Sean Combs earned over $50 million this past year, despite the fact that he’s been barely relevant in music for forever.

Before I go any further, I just want to set the record straight: I totally am, or at least was, a HUGE Diddy fan. I mean, the guy is responsible for one of the greatest performers of all time. Of course, I’m talking about Aubrey O’Day!

“Making the Band” changed my life in more ways than you can imagine and I am forever grateful to you Diddy for providing such an amazing contribution to the reality television oeuvre. Danity Kane 4ever!!!

But lately, it’s just been Ciroc vodka this and Sean John that. Sure, it makes the Puffster a ton of benjamins but I’d like to see him go back to his roots and spend more time with the family … Black Rob, Faith Evans, Mase. Well, maybe not Mase.

All right. Let’s get back to the rest of the list. The number two earner, Jay Z (who added $43 million to his bank account), is able to run a sports agency, design clothes, and raise the greatest child ever conceived, and yet he still finds time to make good music.

Speaking of guys who no longer put making music on the top of their priority list, Dr. Dre landed at number three, while my girl Nicki Minaj earned the fourth spot making $29 million. She is truly the Aubry O’Day of this generation.

Do you agree with Idol and want DIddy to put more energy into his music career? Let us know in the comments below!