Hear Them Now: Ty Segall

I decided to kick off the 2014 edition of “Hear Them Now” with one of the most Culkin artists of 2013, Ty Segall.

At only 26 years of age Segall has already released eight solo albums. Throw in his work with bands such as Fuzz, Epsilon, and Sic Alps not to mention his numerous EPs and singles, and you’ve got enough material to fill a decent sized mPod.

And this isn’t some McDonalds situation where he’s simply churning out a ton of make you vomit crap. Segall’s musical contributions are always top notch, especially with his latest effort Sleeper.

While much of Segall’s prior output consisted of in your face crunchy psychedellica, punk, and metal, Sleeper finds the artist in a darker, quieter state, a reflection of the the rift between him and his mother and the loss of his adopted father to cancer.

Segall was able to channel his despair into a masterful album with songs like “He Don’t Care” and “Crazy.”

Who knows what Segall has planned for 2014. But I’m hoping his output continues to be plentiful and wonderfully diverse.

Let us know in the comments below which up and coming artist should be next week’s “Hear Them Now” pick!