YouTube Spotlight: Germans Love Michael Schulte

When MyMusic blog fan Sonia suggested that we should cover 22 year-old Michael Schulte in our YouTube Spotlight, I had to say yes! Great voice. Check! Great hair. Check! Can’t do much better than that!!!

Our German readers may be familiar with Michael after his third place finish on “The Voice of Germany” last year. But through his YouTube channel, Michael has gained a worldwide following, attracting over 142,000 subscribers!

Over the past five years, Michael has posted an amazing variety of awesome covers from “Use Somebody” to “Call Me Maybe” to an acoustic version of “Get Lucky” featuring frequent collaborator Max Giesenger.

During his short but sweet career, Michael has recorded several of his own songs. Most recently, he released his Grow Old With Me EP which is highlighted by its soaring, emotional title track.

Oh, and yes Michael, I would totally grow old with you!!!

I 4 1 would luv 2 c Michael live here in the United States. If you agree, let him know on Twitter and be sure 2 use #MyMusic!

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