YouTube Spotlight: Hang Out at ThePianoShack!

Chris Commisso does it all! He’s a singer, an actor, a writer, a producer, and, of course, he plays the piano! His YouTube channel, ThePianoShack, combines all of Chris’ passions into one amazing spot.

Like many channels from YouTube musicans, ThePianoShack offers plenty of covers (as Chris notes, “done in my own style”). But thankfully, Chris posts so many other incredible videos 2 ThePianoShack including comedy sketches, a weekly Q&A blog (always a fan of that!) and his own original music. He even wrote the “Official Song for Halloween.”

Another great thing about Chris is he luvs 2 collaborate with other artists. I’m especially a huge fan of anything he does with Kendra and Krista from Tigirlily!

According to Chris’ Facebook page, he’ll be posting his Christmas collaboration with Tigirlily, “Holiday Honey,” later this week. Can’t wait!

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Chris is an incredible talent and I hope that more and more people check out all the wonderful things he’s doing at ThePianoShack!

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