YouTube Spotlight: Jake Miller Goes Hollywood!

I’ve luved Jake Miller ever since I first saw his breakthrough video for “A Million Lives.” Since launching his YouTube channel, which he constantly updates with his laid back hip hop songs and video diaries that provide a glimpse in2 his amazing life, Jake has always made it a priority 2 reach out to his fans.

But rarely do u c an artist create an entire song about his fans, especially those that are struggling through hard times, and give them a major dose of positivity and strength.

I wasn’t the only one touched by “A Million Lives,” with the video reaching nearly 4 million views and earning over 50,000 thumbs up. That’s a lot of thumbs!

Jake isn’t always so serious. In fact, he seems to be having a lot of fun touring in support of his latest album Us Against Them. Thankfully, Jake’s been documenting all the best moments of the tour on YouTube!

What a treat for his 233,000 subscribers!

Jake also has a massive following on Twitter, with over 348,000 followers. He might have a bit of an addiction 2 Twitter, but I’m not complaining because I always luv reading his tweets.

U should tweet Jake and let him know u read about him on the MyMusic blog! Jake definitely deserves our luv because he continues to give luv back 2 his fans!

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