YouTube Spotlight: Loving Lexy Greenwell!!!

It’s always fun 2 discover an artist that many people around the office can enjoy. Lexy Greenwell, a.k.a. LexyBeatMusic) happens to fit the bill.

Lexy opened for Wynonna Judd, which Country thinks is really cool, Techno & Dubstep are huge fans of her amazing acoustic cover of Daft Punk’s “Get Lucky,” and Nerdcore loves her because she raps and beatboxes and is a huge Harry Potter fan!

I heart Lexy because she’s super talented and amazing. For the past 2 years, Lexy has been filling her YouTube Channel with some incredible covers that showcase her amazing diversity. EDM, country, pop, rap, she can do it all!

Lexy is currently working on an EP of original material which, of course, I can’t wait 2 hear. In the mean time I’m happy 2 make due with those sensational covers.

Lexy often shares the spotlight, collaborating with a bunch of other great musicians. But my absolute favorite Lexy collab is her cover of Imagine Dragons’ “Radioactive” which happens 2 feature her younger brother Connor.

So adorable!

If you’re a Lexy fan, make sure 2 share your love on Twitter and don’t forget 2 let her know u read about on her the MyMusic blog. I can’t wait 2 hear what she has in store for 2014!

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