YouTube Spotlight: Matthew Jordan Brings Holiday Cheer!

Yes, it’s true, Matthew Jordan is so so cute and has such amazing hair, but that’s just  makes up a small reason why I him love him. The main reason why I love him is his is incredible musical talent!

Whether it’s playing the guitar or piano or singing, Matthew always manages to WOW on his songs. My favorites, of course, are his originals. You can’t get go wrong with anything off Matthew’s debut album Horizon, but my personal favorite is his 2012 single “Oxygen” which features the super talented Whitney Peyton.

While I’ve been meaning 2 feature Matthew in the “YouTube Spotlight” since forever ago, I thought this week would be perfect with Xmas just around the corner.

His “Hark The Herald Angels/Little Drummer Boy” medley is one of my favorite holiday songs of all time and is a must for any Christmas mix.

Honestly, I’m super shocked Matthew only has 42,550 subscribers on his YouTube channel. Unlike Indie, there’s nothing I enjoy more than spreading the word about my favorite artists and I hope all of u check him out! If u luv is his music, and I’m sure u will, b sure 2 reach out 2 him on Twitter and of course let him know that u saw on the MyMusic blog!!!

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