YouTube Spotlight: Our Last Night Is My New Fave!!!

There are so so so many things 2 love about Our Last Night. First of all (and most importantly), they’re music is amazing! They’ve toured with a bunch of my favorite bands including Sleeping with Sirens and Asking Alexandria! Oh, and did I mention they have a bassist named Woody???

Our Last Night has been around for nearly 10 years but recently they’ve made a huge push on YouTube and social media earning them a more devoted fanbase than ever. While the band has released three albums on the awesome Epitaph label, they’ve also released a bunch of EPs including “A Summer of Covers” which features amazing interpretations of hits from a variety of artists including Zedd and even Miley Cyrus.

Today the band debuted it’s latest release, Oak Island, on YouTube. It’s 26 minutes of dark, beautiful energy and I can’t stop listening to it! If you want a taste of what Our Last Night has to offer, check out their video for “Same Old War,” the first single off of Oak Island!

While a lot of new artists make their start on YouTube, it’s always great 2 c established acts embracing the site.

I have no doubt that Our Last Night’s 10th anniversary will be a celebration of their best year yet!

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