YouTube Spotlight: SoMo Is So Good!!!

Joseph Somo, also known as The Mr. SoMo, better known as simply SoMo, has been building his YouTube presence for nearly four years. While Somo slowly but surely earned his obsessive fanbase with quality hip hop and R&B covers performed in his bedroom, it wasn’t until he released his now famous Drake medley in November of 2011 that things really blew up.

Nearly two years later, SoMo, with his signature shades, has amassed over 260,000 subscribers to his YouTube Channel. and nearly 46 million views! While SoMo produces some of the most soulful covers on YouTube, it’s his original material that has him ready to become a superstar.

Earlier this year, SoMo released his video for “Ride” which became an instant sensation. His most recent original hit, “Show Off,” definitely shows off SoMo’s amazing talent which can currently be experienced live on SoMo’s “The Ride” tour.  The tour makes its way to Lawrence, Kansas tomorrow and continues across the U.S. through November!!!

Be sure to check out SoMo’s official website for tour dates and ticket information.

My only complaint about SoMo’s music is that some of his lyrics are a little “adult.” Hopefully he can record some clean versions of his songs with lyrics about hugging and holding hands instead of doing dirty things. Just a thought. If you agree with me or you just want to show SoMo your love, you should tweet him using #MyMusic!!!

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