Eminem Previews Music Video for “Berzerk,” on Live TV. Awkwardness ensues…

During the Michigan vs. Notre Dame football game this past weekend, Eminem made a live appearance to show a clip for his upcoming music video for “Berzerk.” I watched the clip and I have to say that it was a little bit frightening for me. Now I’ve never met Eminem, and I’m sure he’s a super sweet guy (not to mention I ADOOOORED the blonde hair in his earlier years.), but something about the video clip just rubbed my shoulders the wrong way. And I LOVE back massages! Maybe it was the constant camera movements in the video which I thought I had gotten over since watching an entire playlist of Ke$ha music videos, but apparently I didn’t.

Even bigger than the video though was Mr. Shady’s actual appearance on the program. He just kept widening his eyes and giving us this creepy stare. I had to look around just to make sure that I didn’t have anyone else creeping behind me. I couldn’t tell if he was freezing up or just fooling around! If he were freezing up, Eminem, I know that feeling. I used to have problems freezing up in front of audiences, but it’s OK! A spritz of some club soda and a low-calorie power bar is just the energy you need to get back in performance shape. Not that I’m calling you fat! We’re all here to support you!

If you missed the music video clip and Eminem’s strange appearance, watch it below. Poor Marshall!!