Justin Bieber and Katy Perry Get Juicy

Juicy J (love love LOVE the name) is having one heck of a day! First he showed up alongside Justin Bieber in Maejor Ali’s new video for “Lolly.”

A song about lollipops? How sweet is that???

Then when Katy Perry’s latest single, “Dark Horse,” leaked, guess who made a special guest appearance … Juicy J, of course!!! He is so amazing. Juicy J might be my favorite rapper besides 2 Chainz. Just thinking about Juicy is making me thirsty. I’m going 2 c if Metal wants 2 share an apple juice with me!

Metal ended up drinking the whole bottle. Oh, well. Guess I’ll listen to more Juicy J!

Do you prefer Juicy J’s contributions to “Lolly” or “Dark Horse”? Let us know in the comments below!