Last night on “Late Night” Justin Timberlake  joined Jimmy Fallon in The Evolution of End Zone Dancing.  And it was definitely not PLUR!

Their performance combined two things Dubstep and I can’t stand: terrible dancing and football.  Why is football so violent?  Instead of tackling each other, football players should hug each other and then fall into a giant cuddle puddle and listen to Zedd.  I would definitely watch that!

But as much as football messes up my flow, I absolutely 100 percent hate with all the rage of Satan people who make a mockery of dance.  Timberlake and Fallon set the bar for their routine by starting things off with the “Ickey shuffle.”  Icky is more of a word Scene would use but it’s definitely how I felt watching this garbage.  The dancing only gets worse, especially when Fallon attempts to do the robot.  C3PO must be rolling in his grave.  Wait, is C3PO dead?  I’ll have to ask Hip Hop.  Oh, and by rolling, I meant actually rolling over.  Just wanted to be clear.

Just when things couldn’t get any worse, it turns out that The Evolution of End Zone Dancing isn’t even an original idea.  ESPN, which apparently is a network devoted to sports, posted the same thing two years ago.

For the record, I totally respect Justin Timberlake as a dancer and I hope he will never do anything like this again.  Jimmy Fallon, however, you’re on my list.  Or rather, off my list.  I’m banning you from ever attending any rave thrown by me and Dubstep.  You’ve officially replaced Conan O’Brien as the talk show host with the worst dance moves!

Are Dubstep and I overreacting? Let us know in the comments below!