Nyan Cat
My First Post!!
Hey Idol I posted a picture on the website@! Can I still do my tumblr though? Because I like to tumble.
Is Teresa from RHNJ going to JAIL!?
According to TMZ, Teresa Giudice and her husband are being investigated for over 39 different charges relating to money fraud. I knew those housewives were diabolical but that's just nuts! If…
Fall Out Boy / Panic at the Disco
THE BEST NEWS EVER ANNOUNCED!!! Fall Out Boy and and Panic! At The Disco will be touring together this Fall! Here is my official statement on the news: ASDJAPSOIDAOWERUWOIEDAHJODI;19381291I2P[ASPDASPODAWD;;CA Okay!…
Adam Lambert going EDM?
Adam Lambert will be providing vocals to one of the songs on DJ Avicii's new album, #TRUE. I'm not sure how I feel about this news! Most dance music doesn't…
Bad Candy News :( :(
According to some sort of blog or magazine or something called Pediatrics, every day 34 kids are sent to the emergency room for choking. And the leading cause of choking?…
Above & Beyond Goes ACOUSTIC!
Don't worry! It's only temporary! Or, at least we hope it's only temporary! After some successful performances in London in which the band members of Above & Beyond played actual…
Review: The Wolverine
You never know what to expect with an X-Men movie. X-Men was great. X2 is one of my favorite comic book movies (Come on! It was good!) Then came X3,…
No Wii U love in the UK?
Whoa! Is Wii U really doing that bad? Asda, one of the biggest supermarket chains in the UK, is no longer stocking the Wii U. Nobody is really saying why,…
New Doctor Revealed!
It’s not exactly surprising news, but any Dr Who news is good news! In a live interview, it has been announced that Peter Capaldi has been case as the 12th…