IndiOK: 5 MyMusic Approved Coachella Acts!!!

Indie might not be a fan of this year’s Coachella lineup (surprise, surprise) but the rest of the staff is looking to forward to the fest. Well, most of the staff. Here’s a list of their favorite acts performing at Coachella 2014.

Metal’s Pick: Motörhead 

If anyone could get me to drive out to the desert and hang out in the blazing sun with a bunch of dirty hipsters, it’s Motörhead. Too bad they’re basically the only band at Coachella worth seeing.

Scene’s Pick: Lorde

Earlier this week I wrote about my luv for Bastille who are definitely a must see at Coachella. But at the top of my list is Lorde, a choice that shouldn’t come as a shock 2 many of u,

Nerdcore’s Pick: Nas

Outkast may be getting all the hype but nasty Nas will forever be one of my favorite MCs of all time.

Techo & Dubstep’s Pick: Martin Garrix

Coachella’s EDM lineup keeps getting better and better. Skrillex! Calvin Harris! Zedd! All so PLUR. But Dubstep and I are really curious to check out 17 year old Martin Garrix. So much talent for a such a young DJ!!!

Country’s Pick: Solange

Beyoncé gets plenty of love but little sis’ Solange deserves some appreciation too. Solange is scheduled to perform Saturday and is definitely worth checking out.

Who’s your favorite artist performing at Coachella? Let us know in the comments below!