Hiiiiiii everyone!!! I hope u all had a wonderful Valentine’s Day (and now President’s Day!!) weekend! I know I did :). It made me feel all types of happy that I haven’t felt before (and stomach’s aches from all the candy and Flowchart’s spam casserole. I still have to get used to the taste of it though :/) Speaking of happy, yesterday night there was an All-Star Game for basketball!! I think basketball is very boring, but when I heard it would be All-Stars I got suuuuuuper excited…….and then realized that it was all basketball players and not the cuties below:

It’s okay though, because there was a special performance by Pharrell! I really didn’t know too much about him before he made that lucky song that Techno and Dubstep played EVERY day, along with Nerdcore telling me how big of a Star Trek fan Pharell was. However, when I found out he also did the music for one of my favorite movies this year, Despicable Me 2, I got excited again!!!

The only problem was he sang for 20 minutes, and I didn’t know any of the songs until the end. All the songs were loud and caraaaazy, which I guess more of his die hard fans like, but I didn’t know them!!! It was only when he put on his super duper cute hat from the Grammys did I start squrming!!! Not to mention he started singing “Happy,” which made me HAPPY!!! YAYYYYYYY Pharrell…..except maybe next time, bring some more Minions on stage pleeaaaaase 🙂