That Really Happened?: 5 Crazy Collaborations!

With all the weird collaborations going down at next Sunday’s Grammys, the MyMusic staff wanted to acknowledged some of the oddest musical unions to ever go down.

Country and Scene’s Pick: Fall Out Boy and The Band Perry

In the spirit of this list, Scene and I decided to COLLABORATE on this pick which combines two of our favorite artists. Fall Out Boy and The Band Perry’s recent duel performance on “CMT: Crossroads” may have sounded odd on paper, but it ended up way exceeding our expectations!

Metal’s Pick: Metallica and Ja Rule

I’m pissed off we’re doing this list because it forced me to remember this atrocity. If you thought Metallica and Lou Reed were a terrible match, well, just you wait.

Straight Edge’s Pick: David Bowie and Bing Crosby

David Bowie’s collaboration with Bing Crosby on “Little Drummer Boy” is played so often during the holidays, we forget how weird this pairing actually is.

Techno & Dubstep’s Pick: Afrojack and Sting

Dubstep and I can definitely get behind this yet-to-be released track featuring the lead singer of The Police. DJs like Afrojack should be free to collaborate with anybody … as long they continue to make us dance!

Indie and Nerdcore’s Pick: Pixies and Weird Al Yankovic

Who said people like me and nerds can’t get along?  Certainly not I.

What are some musical collaborations that made you do a double take? :Let us know in the comments below!