Belle and Sebastian’s New Album Is Streaming Here


If I said I were excited for this compilation, I would be lying. If I said I wasn’t excited for this album, I’d also be lying. I’m closer to cautiously moderate enthusiasm, an emotion you’ve probably never felt before. Today, Belle & Sebastian released a stream of their new compilation album, The Third Eye Centre.

While I refuse to listen to the album until my vinyl edition is mailed, I can’t say I’m too happy they’ve resorted to releasing their album via an online stream, not to mention they excluded “Cassaco Maccaron” from the album, arguably my favorite track from their discography. ( Of course everyone assumed I was referring to a dish for a potentially free company lunch, which held my affirmation that the band was still safe from the mainstream.)

The only way to listen to anything (vinyl turntable not included)


I don’t like the ease of streaming an album via the web whatsoever. I want to be aggravated trying to find the album at a record store after hours of searching through the store’s entire catalog of music and after being misdirected by several of the record store’s employees. I don’t want to listen to it immediately through three clicks of my mouse. If you want to peak at the album and fall into the trap of this “phenomenon” of album listening, follow the link below. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.