Daily Roundup: Kanye Shows Kim the Marriage Rock

(VIA NERDCORE) Looks like Kanye’s beautiful dark twisted fantasy continues to come true as Yeezus proposed to Kim Kardashian last night in San Francisco. Guess we now know the reason behind Kanye’s concert cancellation. This is definitely cause for celebration … and my second consecutive “Roundup” proclamation of azzzzzzzzzzzzzz!!! [E!]

If anyone can get away with spoofing Miley’s “Wrecking Ball” video this late in the game, it’s Betty White. [RS]

(VIA INDIE) During an interview with Arcade Fire, Stephen Colbert called the band “pretentious.” Consider me a proud member of Colbert Nation. [SPIN]

(VIA SCENE) Blink-182 will celebrate the 10th anniversary of their self-titled album by performing it in full during a series of Los Angeles concerts! I’m definitely feeling this!!!! [CoS]

(VIA COUNTRY) Country legend Dolly Parton sustained minor injuries after being involved in a car crash. Thank god for her double air bags! [CNN]